Preparing for 2025 bargaining

The Community Bargaining Association collective agreement expires on March 31, 2025. About 2,300 HEU members work in the community health subsector.

In preparation for contract negotiations, HEU is holding a two-day Community Health Bargaining Conference (November 13 and 14, 2024) at the HEU Provincial Office, 5000 North Fraser Way in Burnaby.

During the conference, delegates will discuss bargaining proposals (bargaining demands), identify top priorities, and elect a bargaining committee. 

In the coming weeks, HEU locals will hold a special meeting to elect delegates and vote on bargaining proposals to put forward to the bargaining conference.


Under the Job Classification Plan, benchmarks are the sole criteria for the classification of jobs in the community health subsector. Each benchmark contains a scope and level definition, and a list of typical functions and responsibilities by which jobs or positions are distinguished and classified.

A benchmark is not a job description.

These documents will provide your benchmark rate code and/or grid code. To find your wage rates, look at your Collective Agreement and your Wage Schedule, both found on this page.

The benchmarks are divided into seven job families.

Work sites in this sector