Report a hazard

What is a hazard?

A hazard is a thing or condition that could lead to an incident if it is not addressed.

An example of a hazard could be:

  • Broken or worn out equipment
  • An obstacle that hinders movement that could cause a trip or collision
  • A work task that requires risky actions like climbing, lifting or reaching
  • Working alone or in isolation where there is a risk of violence
  • A lack of personal protective equipment in stock

If you think, “that’s an accident waiting to happen,” then it’s probably a hazard.

It is important to be proactive about any hazard you encounter. In this way, you are protecting yourself, your co-workers and your patients, residents or clients.

How to report a hazard

  1. Tell your supervisor or manager immediately about the hazard.
  2. Fill out a Hazard Report. Ask for a form from your Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) Committee worker representative. This form may be online, or paper.  If you don’t have a JOHS Committee at your workplace, contact your Shop Steward for assistance.
  3. Tell your JOHS Committee worker representative about the hazard, so they can raise the issue at their next meeting.
  4. Follow up with your JOHS Committee worker representative to see when and how  changes will be made to correct the safety issue.

Other types of incidents

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Injury incident: An event that leads to a physical or mental injury, or a work-related illness.

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