How to escalate a health and safety issue

Still have issues? Here’s how to escalate a health and safety issue at your workplace

If you have raised a safety issue and it is still not being addressed,  here are some further steps you can take.

Reach out

  • Tell your supervisor or manager about the issue
  • Ask your Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) worker representative to raise the issue at the next JOHSC meeting. This can be helpful in making recommendations and improving workplace safety
  • Follow up with the JOHSC worker representative to see when and how  changes will be made to correct the safety issue
  • Contact your HEU servicing representative

Report it

  • Where there is a hazard, use your workplace OHS hazard reporting process
  • Where there is an incident (an injury or a “near miss”) use your workplace OHS Incident reporting process. If you’ve missed time from work or received medical attention, file a WorkSafeBC claim.
  • Connect with an HEU shop steward from your local to file a grievance
  • Contact WorkSafeBC and speak to a Prevention Officer (604-276-3100 Lower Mainland or 1-888-621-7233 toll free)

Read up

  • Review your collective agreement for specific language.

Remember to document each step you have taken to communicate the health and safety issue at your workplace

Download the "How to Escalate a Health and Safety Issue in your Workplace" fact sheet