How to file a WSBC claim

File a claim with WorkSafeBC (WSBC) as soon as you have missed time from work or need health care treatment for a work-related injury or disease.

Any delay can potentially affect the outcome of your claim.

How to file

There are three different ways for you to file a claim:

  1. Call WSBC’s Teleclaim Service at 1-888-967-5377 (1-888-WORKERS)
  2. Complete the online application form on
  3. Fax or mail the “Application for Compensation and Report of Injury or Occupational Disease (Form 6)” found on

No matter how you choose to file the claim, it is important that you provide WSBC with a complete description of your injury or disease to the best of your knowledge.

In your report, explain:

  • how the injury occurred
  • who you reported the injury to
  • list all of your body parts affected

If you are making a claim for occupational disease, provide details of your specific job duties or work environment that gave you reason to believe that your condition is work-related.

You need to notify your employer, your doctor, or your preferred treatment provider (such as physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopath, or counsellor) that you have been injured at work.

How WSBC processes your claim

After WorkSafeBC receives your claim, they will notify your employer and your physician of your claim and request your authorization to collect medical information.

Once this information is on file, an Entitlement Officer or Case Manager will set up a phone interview with you. Afterwards they will make a decision about your claim. They will decide if you are eligible for benefits, and if so, what benefits and services you will receive.

Their decision is always delivered by written letter or email.

The time this process takes can vary depending on the type and complexity of claim.

While you wait for the decision

  • Set up an online account on the WorkSafeBC website to get real-time access to claim updates.
  • Seek treatment and attend regular follow up appointments with your health care provider(s).
  • Make sure that your progress is reported to WSBC on a regular basis.
  • Describe all your work-related injuries to your health care providers so that they may make any necessary diagnostic referrals and treatment recommendations.
  • If finances are an issue, consider making applications for other sources of income such as long-term disability, CPP, EI or provincial income assistance.

If your claim is denied

If you disagree with a WorkSafeBC decision, you have a right to ask for an appeal. Find out how to appeal.

HEU will help you request a review. Contact HEU WCB hotline at 604-456-7186 or toll-free at 1-877-438-5550 or by email at