Retirement and Pensions Subcommittee

The Retirement and Pensions Subcommittee makes recommendations to and advises the Provincial Executive on:

  • developing membership awareness of present and future retirement security issues affecting all HEU members.
  • education materials for members and locals on retirement issues, including the Municipal Pension Plan, Canada Pension Plan and other pension systems, and on changes to these retirement programs that may impact HEU members
  • improvements in pension plan and retiree benefits.

Most HEU members are covered by the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP). This is a defined benefit plan, where your pension is based on your age, your years of pensionable service and the average of your highest five years of salary (not necessarily your last five years). It is not based on your contributions to the plan or on the investment performance of the plan’s assets. Under this plan, your pension is paid for your lifetime.

For more information, visit the Pensions BC website and follow the link to the Municipal Pension Plan.

These and other useful links can be found on our Retirement Information page.

The committee also produces educational materials to help HEU members understand their pension.