Small and mid-sized local supplement

At HEU’s 2022 Biennial Convention, delegates adopted a resolution establishing a Small and Mid-sized Local Supplement (SMLS) which provides additional budgetary support to smaller locals over and above the monthly dues rebate.

The $1,500 supplement is available to qualified locals again in 2024.

The criteria are as follows:

  • 500 or fewer members (as calculated by Provincial Office based on payroll records)
  • Submitted their first quarterly report for 2024 
  • Confirm that they require the additional support for their local operating budget
  • Provide a copy of their most current bank statement

Please note that locals will not be able to claim the SMLS for previous years. For example, in 2024, a local will not be able to apply for a 2023 supplement.

We hope that the SMLS will help support activities that engage members in your local.