Building strong locals

HEU’s locals are the backbone of our organization. Locals keep us strong and ensure that our members are engaged, providing leadership all while defending our members’ rights.

Strong locals involve and engage their members. They are:

  • Open, welcoming and inclusive
  • Democratic and accountable
  • Skilled in two-way communications
  • Creative in finding ways to increase membership participation

Strong locals provide good leadership. Their leaders:

  • Work as teams, and continually renew themselves
  • Responsibly handle financial and other local affairs
  • Communicate regularly and consistently
  • Value education and leadership development
  • Walk the talk on diversity

Strong locals defend members’ rights and resolve disputes. They:

  • Solve problems and grievances effectively
  • Focus on member workplace concerns and issues
  • Make health and safety a priority
  • Ensure those who need to know, including members, are kept informed

Strong locals are active in union and community campaigns. They:

  • Promote the union’s campaigns and defend public health care and workers’ rights
  • Are active on social justice and other important community issues
  • Communicate to members regularly about HEU campaigns and other issues that affect them
  • Develop activism through membership education and training on community issues