Post-secondary education bursaries

A number of bursaries are available each academic year for HEU members, their children, stepchildren and children under the legal guardian, and spouses, including common-law and same-sex partners.

Bursaries can be used at any post-secondary educational institution, and are awarded to students who need financial assistance and demonstrate satisfactory academic standing.

Bursaries range from $350 to $1,000 and are administered by a bursary committee under the direction of the HEU Provincial Executive.

Applications are now closed.


Labour studies programs

HEU supports additional educational opportunities offered by labour studies programs and other organizations, such as the B.C. Federation of Labour, CUPE and the Canadian Labour Congress. Courses include labour law, human rights, occupational health and safety, and stress management.

HEU has budgeted $500 per member, per year, to assist with their participation in labour studies courses. Earmarked for registration or tuition fees, the money is reimbursed to members after receipts are given to HEU’s financial secretary. All other costs – wage replacement, accommodation, transportation, per diems – must be covered by the participating members or their locals, which all receive monthly HEU dues rebates to support local campaigns, activities and educational opportunities.

Watch for details on your local union bulletin board or ask your local executives for more information.