If you have COVID-19 symptoms and think you were exposed at work, you need to file a claim with WorkSafeBC as soon as you have missed time from work or need health care treatment.

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to filing a claim.

Please see below for Punjabi and Tagalog versions.

There are three different ways for you to file a claim:

You must also to report your injury or illness to your employer.

  • Health Authority employees call the Workplace Health Call Centre at 1-866-922-9464
  • Affiliate/Independent employees fill out an Incident/Injury Report. Ask your supervisor for the form.

You must apply for WorkSafeBC benefits on your own.

If your claim is denied or if your benefits are discontinued, HEU is here to help you! If you need help in filing an appeal, please contact HEU’s WCB hotline at 604-456-7186 or toll-free at 1-877-438-5550 or by email at

Workplace exposure can occur in situations where you do not have appropriate protective measures when you are in close contact with someone who has COVID 19. For example, you did not have all of the PPE required for the situation or you determine that the PPE is damaged after the work activity is complete.

Use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help determine if you need further assessment or testing for COVID-19. You can also call 8-1-1 anytime to talk to a nurse at HealthLinkBC and get advice about how you are feeling and what to do next. 8-1-1 has translation services in 130 languages.

If you develop symptoms or are confirmed to have COVID19, file a claim with WSBC to cover your time lost from work and your medical care. Get more information on how to file a claim.

The Ministry of Health and the BC Centre for Disease Control has published a guidance document to help public health, medical health officers, workplace health and safety, your employer, and you assess the risk of a situation and determine next steps.

For more information see:

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Recommendations for Risk Assessment and Management of Health Care Worker Exposures to COVID-19 Patients: Interim Guidance for the Provincial Workplace Health Call Centre