Provincial Executive

HEU’s Provincial Executive (P.E.) is elected by delegates every two years during the union’s biennial convention.

The P.E. is responsible for implementing the goals and policies set by the union’s membership, and guiding the work of the union between conventions.

The 22-member Provincial Executive includes two full-time elected officers – the president and the financial secretary – as well as three vice-presidents, a senior trustee, a senior trustee elect (four-year term), an additional trustee, and 13 regional vice-presidents.

HEU’s top administrative staff person – the secretary-business manager – is also a member of the P.E. and is the union’s main spokesperson. The secretary-business manager is also the chief negotiator for the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA). The P.E.’s recommendation for this position is subject to delegate ratification at convention.

NOTE: A new Provincial Executive was elected at HEU's 31st Biennial Convention November 5-9, 2018. We will post the 2018-2020 PE list in the next few days.

Meet your Provincial Executive 2016-2018


Victor ElkinsPresident Victor Elkins, cardiac perfusion assistant, PHSA Amalgamated

This is Victor’s third term as president. An HEU member since 1990, Victor served in many roles on his local executive. First elected to the P.E. in 2006, he has served as 1st and 2nd vice-president, and on the FBA bargaining committee. He represents HEU as an officer of the B.C. Federation of Labour (BCFL) and sits on the National Executive Board (NEB) of CUPE.


HEU secretary-business manager Jennifer WhitesideSecretary-business manager Jennifer Whiteside

Jennifer was recruited as HEU’s secretary-business manager in 2015, coming most recently from CUPE’s Conseil provincial des affaires sociales, which represents health and social services workers. She has worked for HEU and other unions as a labour relations representative and a policy researcher, and has consulted nationally and globally on health policy and labour relations issues.



Donisa BernardoFinancial secretary Donisa Bernardo, pharmacy assistant, Kamloops/Thompson

Donisa is serving her sixth term as financial secretary. A member since 1984, Donisa was elected to the P.E. in 1998 as a regional vice-president. She’s a BCFL officer, has served on its Executive Council since 2006, and co-chairs its women’s committee. A trustee on the Municipal Pension Plan board since 2013, she was an alternate trustee for the previous 12 years and served her local in many positions for nearly 20 years.



Barb NederpelBarb Nederpel, 1st vice-president, clerk/care aide, Kamloops/Thompson

An HEU member since 2006, Barb was elected to the P.E. in 2012 as regional vice-president and later as 2nd vice-president. She served on the 2012 FBA bargaining committee and has held various positions on her local executive, including chief shop steward and chair. She is president of her local labour council, and has served on CUPE and BCFL political action committees.


Ken RobinsonKen Robinson, 2nd vice-president, diet technician, Kelowna Amalgamated      

An HEU member since 1998, Ken has served eight terms on the P.E., including two as president. Ken represented HEU as a BCFL officer, and as a member of CUPE’s NEB and its environment committee. He’s served on the FBA bargaining committee, several HEU committees, and has held many positions at his local, including chair and chief shop steward.


Jodi GeorgeJodi George, 3rd vice-president, renal dialysis technician, Surrey 

Jodi was called up to the P.E. in August 2018 as 3rd vice-president. Joining HEU in 1988, she previously served two terms on the P.E. as Regional Vice-President (Fraser), from 2012 to 2016. Jodi was an EDMP steward from 2016 to 2018 and a long-time local shop steward from 1998 to 2016 and she has served as OH&S representative, chair, treasurer, trustee, warden and conductor.


Betty ValenzuelaBetty Valenzuela, senior trustee, health records clerk, Vancouver General

This is Betty’s third term as a P.E. member. An HEU member since 1995, she was first elected to the P.E. as a trustee in 2012. A long-time secretary-treasurer at her local, Betty has also served on a number of union committees, including HEU and CUPE global justice committees. Betty has also worked as a facilitator for table officers’ training and on HEU’s bursary committee.


Talitha DekkerTalitha Dekker, trustee, accounts receivable clerk, Kamloops

As an elected alternate to the P.E., Talitha was called up to third vice-president in July 2016, and was elected trustee at the 2016 convention. An HEU member since 2005, Talitha is her local chair and has held a variety of other positions, including secretary-treasurer, vice-chair, trustee, shop steward, and others. Talitha served two terms on the P.E. clerical subcommittee.


Ken BennettKen Bennett, trustee, residential care worker, Malaspina Mid-Island 

As an elected alternate to the P.E., Ken was called up to trustee in April 2018. An HEU member since 2005, Ken is his local vice-chair and he has held a variety of other positions, including chair, chief shop steward, shop steward and warden. Ken was also on HEU’s 2014 Credentials committee.



Donna HanleyDonna Hanley, mental health rehab worker, Chilliwack Amalgamated 
An HEU member since 1992, Donna was called up to the P.E. as regional vice-president in August 2018. She has been a previous P.E. alternate. Donna served as an EDMP Steward from 2013 to 2016. She has served in many positions on her local executive – chief shop steward, shop steward, vice-chair, warden, trustee, conductor and OH&S representative. 



Dawn Logan, Regional Vice-President (Fraser)Dawn Logan, housekeeping aide, Royal Columbia (Aramark)

This is Dawn's first term as a P.E. member. An HEU member since 2011, she was called up to the P.E. as regional vice-president in January 2017. Dawn has served in many positions on her local executive – chair, vice-chair, chief shop steward, shop steward, trustee and OH&S committee member. She currently serves on her local’s bargaining committee and also did so in 2012-2013. Dawn was on HEU’s 2016 Resolutions committee and the Global Justice and Peace committee.


Joanne WalkerJoanne Walker, booking clerk, White Rock

This is Joanne’s first elected term on the P.E. Joanne joined HEU in 1986. She’s currently local chair, chief shop steward and OH&S steward, and sits on her local’s labour-management committee. She previously served as vice-chair and shop steward.




Rhonda BruceRhonda Bruce, rehab assistant-acute care, South Okanagan

This is Rhonda’s third time elected to the P.E. She previously served two terms from 2008-2012 as regional vice-president. An HEU member since 1992, Rhonda is currently local treasurer and has served in many other positions, including chair. She’s been on the FBA bargaining committee and served on a number of P.E. subcommittees as well as on the Women’s Standing Committee.


Shelley BridgeShelley Bridge, care aide, Columbia View

Shelley is serving her third term as regional vice-president. Joining HEU in 1991, Shelley helped organize an HEU facility in Trail. She’s chair of her local and has served in many other positions over the past 23 years. Shelley has served on HEU’s resolutions and constitutional amendments committee and other union committees, including the occupational subcommittee.


Jody BergJody Berg, care aide, Hillside-Pioneer, Salmon Arm

This is Jody’s second term as regional vice-president. An HEU member since 2008, he has served on HEU’s bargaining committee, constitutional amendments committee, and occupational subcommittee. At his local, he’s been chair and chief shop steward since 2014. Jody has also served as OH&S representative, warden, conductor and picket captain.




Mike CartwrightMike Cartwright, power engineer, University Hospital of Northern B.C.

Mike joined HEU in 2007. This is his second term on the P.E. as regional vice-president. Mike is a local shop steward, OH&S committee member and senior trustee. He has also served as vice-chair and local grievance committee member. Mike was on the FBA bargaining committee in 2012 and 2014, and has participated in several HEU committees including the OH&S subcommittee.


Lisa CremaLisa Crema, life skills support worker, Prince George

This is Lisa’s first elected term on the P.E. She joined HEU in 2003. Lisa is currently local treasurer and has served as trustee, shop steward and OH&S representative. She’s been a previous P.E. alternate, and has served on the union’s environment subcommittee.




Louella VincentLouella Vincent, community support worker, WHR Lower Mainland

A member since 1992, Louella is serving her sixth term on the P.E. She has represented HEU on the BCFL’s human rights committee, women’s committee and LGBT working group, as well as CUPE National’s child care committee. Louella has served on the Community Social Services bargaining committee. Locally, she’s been a chair, OH&S rep, trustee and chief shop steward.


Ernie TanguayErnie Tanguay, maintenance worker, Vancouver General

An active HEU member since 1996, this is Ernie’s first term on the P.E. He has served 11 years as local chair, as well as chief shop steward, OH&S rep, vice-chair, trustee and shop steward.




John FraserJohn Fraser, dietary aide, Powell River

A member since 2004, this is John’s fourth term as regional vice-president. He was a member of HEU’s first Sodexo bargaining committee, is the chair of his local and has filled many other positions as well. He’s worked on the contracted support service workers bargaining committee, and served on other union committees – and has represented HEU on CUPE National’s OH&S committee.



Barb BileyBarb Biley, medical stenographer, Comox

An HEU member since 1991, Barb was re-elected for the third time as regional vice-president. Barb has served in many positions on her local executive – shop steward, chair, secretary-treasurer and trustee. She’s also served on the anti-privatization and trades and maintenance subcommittees.



Bill McMullanBill McMullan, residential support worker, Kardel

This is Bill’s third term as regional vice-president. An HEU member since 2002, he’s currently chief shop steward of his local and previously senior trustee-elect, chair and shop steward. Bill is on the labour-management committee for Kardel local and has served on his local’s OH&S committee. He’s also served on the P.E. environment and equal opportunities subcommittees.