Report an injury or work-related illness

What is an injury?

An injury incident can be:

  • Immediate: A fall, a needlestick, an exposure to chemicals or infectious disease, an act of violence, a sprain or acute strain
  • Gradual: Repetitive strain injury or chronic pain
  • Mental health related: Stress and trauma can affect you immediately after an incident, or at a later time. If mental distress is related to your work, it can be considered an injury.
  • A work-related illness or an occupational disease

Never let anyone stop you from reporting an injury, no matter how small it may seem. This includes supervisors or any other person in authority.

Damage and pain from injuries can show up later, so it is important to record what happened at the time.

How to report an injury

  1. Tell your supervisor or manager immediately about the injury. If you need to leave your work area to seek first aid, inform them. Seek first aid treatment or medical treatment as soon as possible. Make sure you explain the incident/injury happened at work and how.
  2. Report the injury to your employer.
    • Health Authority employees call the Workplace Health Call Centre at 1-866-922-9464  
    • Affiliate/Independent employees fill out an Incident/Injury Report. Ask your supervisor for the form.
  3. Ask for a copy of your report from your employer.
  4. File a claim with WorkSafeBC if you missed time from work or needed medical treatment. There are three different ways to file a claim:
  5. Tell your JOHS Committee worker representative about the injury, so you can participate in any investigation.
  6. Follow up with your JOHS Committee worker representative to see when and how  changes will be made to correct the safety issue.

Other types of incidents

Hazard: A thing or condition that could lead to an incident. Report hazards to keep incidents from occurring.

Find out more about Hazards.

Near miss incident: An event that had the potential to cause injury or work-related illness.

Find out more about "Near Miss" incidents.