About JOHS Committees

A Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) Committee is a committee made up of employers and employees working together to improve occupational health and safety in their workplace.

The committee makes recommendations to the employer on workplace health and safety matters.

The law requires a JOHS Committee for each employer with 20 or more employees at a worksite.

In worksites with 9 to 19 employees, a JOHS Committee is not required, but a worker health and safety representative must be appointed.

In HEU, the local executive is responsible for appointing both worker representatives to JOHS Committees, and worker health and safety representatives.

JOHS Committees are one of the most important ways the union can ensure that employers are meeting their health and safety responsibilities.  

The union’s right to participate in health and safety is written into the Workers’ Compensation Act (the health and safety law in BC), and into HEU collective agreements.

If you are interested in becoming a worker representative on a JOHS Committee, or a worker health and safety representative in your workplace, talk to your local executive.

If you are a newly appointed JOHS Committee member or worker health and safety representative, you are entitled to education to support you in your role.

Education for JOHSC members

If you are a local executive looking to appoint a new JOHS Committee member or Worker Health and Safety rep, check out our guide and resources.

Local executive appointments