Update on seniority for HEU members in the community health subsector


In recent weeks, health authorities have been contacting members in the community health subsector to start implementing the mobility language negotiated in the 2022-2025 collective agreement.

More than 2,300 HEU members are covered by the community health contract.

At the end of April into early May, each health authority will merge all Community Bargaining Association (CBA) seniority lists – within their own health authority – into a single seniority list.

Members holding a single position in one health authority will not be impacted by the merged list.

Members holding more than one position in the same health authority will be asked to select a primary work site. Their seniority will be adjusted to reflect a single seniority rather than multiple levels of seniority.

Once the single seniority list is implemented, CBA members can apply for positions throughout their health authority as an internal applicant, and port their accumulated benefits and seniority.

In the event a member disagrees with their seniority assignment, they can contact their union representative for guidance, up to and including filing a grievance.