Take time to learn about proposed changes to the Municipal Pension Plan


If you are one of the tens of thousands of HEU members in the Municipal Pension Plan (MPP), HEU is encouraging you to learn about important changes that are being proposed to the Plan.

Most HEU members in the MPP will see an overall improvement to their post-retirement security from the agreement reached in principle, which moves away from the two-tiered benefit system and increases equity for lower-paid members of the plan.

These changes would apply the same formula for every working member after January 1, 2022. Pension bridge amounts and early retirement calculations earned before that date do not change.

Because most HEU members covered by the plan currently receive a lower benefit rate, the changes will significantly boost their retirement benefits.

The MPP changes affect members in the Facilities, Community Health and Community Social Services collective agreements and members working at a very limited number of independent care homes.

If you are unsure if you are part of the MPP, check your paystub, which will show if you are contributing to the plan.

Learn about these changes

The best way to learn about the changes is by visiting the plan redesign website at www.mppredesign.ca, where you can use a pension calculator, watch a summary video, and read about the proposed changes.

And, HEU is holding a number of webinars where members can learn about the changes and ask questions. Sign up at www.heu.org.

Members with questions about the changes can leave a message at plandesign@heu.org or 1-877-476-7184, and one of our pension experts will get back to you.