Budget 2024 continues to strengthen health care for patients, families and workers

Statement from Meena Brisard, Secretary-Business Manager, Hospital Employees’ Union:

“Budget 2024 is making record investments in public health care by supporting families and workers in building a system that will meet the needs of a growing and aging population. We know there is more to do to rebuild our health care system, and this budget keeps us moving in that direction with $13 billion in capital investments in the next three years.”

“New investments of $354 million will go a long way to ensure that seniors can access the services they count on through home health services and community-based services. Investing in seniors’ care is one of the best ways to take pressure off hospitals.”

“Our seniors’ care system is fragile and fragmented after years of privatization and underinvestment by Kevin Falcon’s party. In this budget, we’re seeing the government continue to upgrade and expand long-term care homes, including Nanaimo, Abbotsford, Cranbrook and Prince George. These facilities will be public or non-profit. We believe that every dollar that goes into long-term care should go into direct care, not profit.”

The Hospital Employees’ Union represents 60,000 health care workers in British Columbia, including 20,000 workers in long-term care.