Lynn Bueckert appointed as HEU’s secretary-business manager


The Hospital Employees’ Union (HEU) announced today the appointment of Lynn Bueckert as its secretary-business manager.

For the past five years, Bueckert has been on staff with the HEU and is currently the interim secretary-business manager. Before joining HEU, Bueckert worked as the Executive Director at the B.C. Federation of Labour.

As secretary-business manager, Bueckert will lead collective bargaining for the union and act as HEU’s main spokesperson, as well as manage union operations and programs.

“Health care workers are providing the best care they can in a challenging time. I’m proud to be part of a team working hard to ensure health care workers are supported, while also advancing protections and improvements to health care for all British Columbians,” says Bueckert.

This is a watershed year for the union, adds Bueckert. HEU turns 80 years old, the union hosts its largest biennial convention this fall, and, with current collective agreements for the majority of members expiring in 2025, bargaining preparations are already getting underway.

In addition, tens of thousands of members will take part in a campaign that will encourage them to vote for health care in this October’s provincial election, as part of the largest HEU Votes program in the union’s history.

“We’re making a real difference for health care and our province – HEU members and staff have worked hard over the past few years to build back our health care system, after nearly two decades of privatization under previous governments led by Christy Clark and Gordon Campbell.”

HEU president Barb Nederpel says that Bueckert’s history of labour activism coupled with her time as HEU’s assistant secretary-business manager since 2019 has prepared her for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for B.C.’s largest health care union.

“Lynn has a considerable wealth of experience as a senior leader not only during her time at HEU, but over her entire career in B.C.’s labour movement,” says Nederpel. “As someone who has been a long-time advocate of worker health and wellbeing, our union is looking forward to working with Lynn as she guides the daily work of forging a better future for HEU members.” 

Founded in 1944, HEU represents more than 60,000 workers employed in a variety of health occupations and settings including hospitals, long-term care homes, First Nations health organizations and in community health and social services.