To guide someone in the right ways is very fulfilling for me

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“I enjoy coming to work. It's especially fun because of the atmosphere and the people. There are a whole bunch of diverse people that I work with, like we have every culture. I think the most rewarding part of the day is just knowing that you come to work and you do what you have to do to help someone.

I work in logistics and am an area supply attendant. I do all the replenishing of medical supplies in an acute centre in the hospital. I've also had various roles on the local executive. Right now my role is secretary-treasurer and I'm also a shop steward.

I like being involved in the union because there is always something to learn. For me, everything is a learning process. And I like meeting people and helping members. Even if it's just a simple question - to guide someone in the right ways is very fulfilling for me.

Love is key. You’re not the only one on the planet. There's always someone to be helped. Just extend your hand out because it will mean a lot to someone. It's always good to be positive and to share it with others, and hopefully pass off that vibe. So others can pass on some more positive energy to someone else. The most rewarding part of being human is helping other people.”

Jovito, Stores Attendant, part of the health care team