I enjoy being able to help people feel better about their day

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“I work as a medical imaging clerk at a health centre. I act as a liaison communicating with patients, doctors, technologists and nurses.

I’m responsible for booking patients for imaging services such as ultrasounds, CT scans, or X-rays. I need to know a lot about the musculoskeletal system. I’ve had all sorts of training in anatomy, and I’ve got a diploma in medical office administration, which is very useful to me in this role. 

Workload is the biggest challenge, so multitasking galore is a big part of my job as well. 

I’ve been doing this job for more than eight years and find it rewarding to see a patient smile and be relieved that they have a medical appointment booked for something challenging that’s going on in their life, like a new cancer diagnosis or they’ve got an acute traumatic injury. 

I enjoy being able to help people feel just a little bit better about their day. 

I’m honestly just really interested in the human body and anatomy and physiology. I’ve got more of a science brain, so I was drawn to health care.

I keep myself mentally healthy by being physically active. In the early days of the pandemic, I would go running in the forest with a friend and her dogs. 

I live in a great place where I can do a lot of my outdoor activities like climbing, snowboarding, trail running, and Nordic skiing. I’m forever grateful for where I live. 

I talked to a lot of members during the pandemic struggling with mental health, struggling with isolation and how getting outdoors, into the mountains, into the trees where we could be safe was a saving grace.”

- Sandra, Medical Imaging Clerk, part of the health care team