I like to make people laugh

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“I’ve been a care aide for 16 years. I started in Rochester, NY where I worked as a hospice aide, but moved to Canada in 2011 and became a care aide in B.C. in 2015.

I went into health care because I’ve always liked working with people. I’m good at putting people at ease, making them feel comfortable. My favourite part of the job is making people laugh. I bring humour to my work. If someone calls me a name at work, which sometimes happens, I say: “Thanks for noticing!” The humour really throws people off when they’re being aggressive.

As an Indigenous person with a disability, I’ve had my share of being called names and abusive language, so I’ve had to find strategies to deal with it. Over the years, we learn to be assertive and set boundaries with residents, especially those who are aggressive and who struggle with not knowing what’s appropriate. 

One of the hardest parts of the job is dealing with death. But I always remind myself that death is part of the life cycle. You’re helping people finalize their journey and go to the next stage in peace.

As a marginalized person, I think it’s important for me to get involved in the union and use my voice so that others like me can feel comfortable getting involved.”

- Megan, care aide, part of the health care team