It was all hands on deck and everyone was helping each other

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“I'm a nurse's aide and I help out in the operating room.

We got the news about the pandemic before Dr. Henry said there was going to be a lockdown, and we had lots of new protocols. During the first wave we had to reorient every day we went to work. The second wave was really hard on us. The delta variant was the worst. I saw a lot of people dying, and I saw how exhausted my colleagues became. I felt tension and stress every time I went to work.

But we were able to work through it together. And, you know, I had to find courage in myself. To learn to be strong for my co workers, my patients, and especially my family. My coworkers were awesome. The doctors, the nurses, the care aides – everybody – had to work with ICU because they were full of COVID patients. Everything was backed up, but it was all hands on deck and everyone was helping each other. And yeah, we survived it. Because we worked as one team.

My hope is that when we lift the restrictions and put COVID behind us that we don't forget that we were really good working as a team, as one unit. Because yeah, people were stressed and tense. But we had a mission and a purpose, so instead of being divided, we were so kind, gentle, and caring with each other. Let's not go back to our old habits. Together we can do great things.”

Nikki, Care Aide, part of the health care team