The working conditions and quality of work has improved

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“I’m a cook at a hospital and I’ve been here for 15 years. In 2003, our work was privatized and I’m so happy that I’m now back in-house. It makes a big difference because the pay is better. But also, we’re not as afraid to raise issues. Overall, the quality of our work has also improved because our working conditions are different with the health authority.

I did my culinary arts program at VCC in 2005 and I always wanted to work at a hospital or in long term care. I love to cook.

The patients are at the centre of what we do so whenever I hear from a patient that the food was really good, it makes my day!

I have been involved in my union local over the years. I went to convention for the first-time last year and I learned more about issues outside our union.

I believe that in our workplaces, we need to listen to everyone’s issues.”

Rampy, Food Service Worker, part of the health care team