Care Can't Wait care aide reaching down to senior

Demanding better funding for seniors' care

For far too long, seniors in B.C.’s care homes haven’t been getting the care they deserve. The pandemic revealed that our long-term care system is fragile and under strain. Seniors and workers are paying the price.

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HEU Votes 2024

The upcoming election in October 2024 is important for health care workers. HEU members will be getting involved this provincial election to build on the gains we've made in the past seven years with a worker-friendly government.

An HEU collective agreement gives you a voice

A union protects your rights and safety in the workplace. And you’ll have the backing of more than 60,000 fellow members in BC, working in every aspect of health care.

Reporting is key to workplace safety

Report a work-related injury or illness as soon as it happens. And help prevent injuries by reporting hazards and near-misses too.