I don’t mind the extra work for patient safety, our safety and our family’s safety

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“If a patient is COVID positive, we treat them with respect, dignity, and use the proper precaution. It was a panic at the beginning, but it’s not as hard or scary anymore.

I’m surprised how everybody got together to work as a team. We’re following the B.C. health guidelines, following the protocol, and doing what we’re supposed to do.

I’ve been a Renal Dialysis Technician in Hemodialysis for almost five years, but used to be a Nursing Assistant in long-term care.

The technicians start at six in the morning and set up all the dialysis machines. We prep the chart and get all the supplies we need for the patient for the next dialysis run.

When the patient comes, we assess them under the RN supervision. I don’t do much patient care, but I do vitals and assist the nurses with everything they need.

I make sure the dialysis machines are working properly and are set up according to the Patient Kardex, and I run sheets. I ensure everything is running perfectly before the patient goes on the machine.

We don’t take extra patients right now, unless we have anybody acute, or emergencies. And then, we use extra precaution. When the patient comes in, I advocate to them to do the hand sanitizer at the door, and make sure they have a mask on.

Every patient has to check their weight. They go to a weight machine, and we make sure we disinfect it and anything that gets touched right after.

I don’t mind the extra work for patient safety, our safety and our family’s safety. That’s the most focus on the job right now – we do everything we normally do with PPE, but with more precaution. We wipe down everything somebody touches – counters, tables, surfaces, charts and the carts.

I love my job. As long as I am protecting the patient, helping them, meeting their needs, and still protect myself, it makes me really happy at the end of the day.

HEU has been pretty supportive, and we’re happy to have our union behind us.”

- Manveen, Renal Dialysis Technician, part of the health care team