I work with a great team where everyone is very supportive of one another

Members Stories

“I’ve worked for 4 and a ½ years as a Dietary Aide at a long-term care centre.  I cook, prepare food and serve the food to residents.

One of the things I enjoy the most about my job is when I’m free during my breaks I sit down and talk to the residents. We talk to each other about family, life, and kids. Residents are often so happy to talk and I like listening to them. I’ve found that often their mood changes after our chat, especially if they were having a hard day and were feeling cranky. They seem to feel more relaxed and comfortable after our chats.

I work with a great team where everyone is very supportive of one another. When there was an outbreak at our centre, we helped each other and took care of one another. We worked really well together as a team to get through an incredibly difficult situation. This was so helpful given that we all worked long hours during that time.

It was hard but our residents needed us so we were committed to being there. Even though my family was concerned for me, my 9 year-old daughter understood and would say to me: 'Mom, you need to go, they need you.'

Often when I leave the centre, family members who are sitting outside thank us for our work and for taking care of their family. It makes me feel really proud of my job.”

- Gurdeep, Dietary Aide, part of the health care team