We’ve all pulled together as a strong team

Members Stories

“I love going to work to face the challenges as a team.
I cook and I’m involved with the food and beverage operations at the hospital. I cook for different programs, including the adult daycare program, which is currently suspended due to the COVID; meals on wheels, for acute care, and the hospital’s care home.
So, every day, we’re cooking three times for close to 150 people.
I like my job even though there is a bit of pressure built into it. Our menu accommodates a wide variety of diets to provide adequate daily nutrition to the patients, as recommended by Canada’s Food Guide.
We always work closely with dietitians to improve the quality and patient satisfaction of our meals. There isn’t room for errors when making therapeutic diets, and we have to follow the guidelines.
With the pandemic, we’ve had to implement some safety changes, like paying closer attention to personal hygiene, wearing quite different protective gear, and maintaining a safe distance at the workplace.
Serving practices have also changed from a selective menu to non-selective in some areas. We’ve also had to reduce the selection of some menu items that we offer to patients, due to stock shortages from our suppliers.
We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Some cities and countries are struggling to control the situation. All of us are watching headlines and wondering, ‘What is next?’
It has brought us some stress, but we are focused on things that we can control.
One of the most positive things that has come out of this pandemic is that we’ve all pulled together as a strong team. Everyone helps each other at the hospital, and makes sure that each person is supported.
I’ve seen a lot more teamwork than usual. We’ve all chosen to work in health care because we love this work.”
- Fernando, Cook, part of the health care team