Care Can’t Wait t-shirt day – Monday, April 10

The Care Can't Wait T-shirt Day was a huge success!

For the past several months, HEU members have been campaigning hard though the union's Care Can't Wait campaign to improve the deteriorating working conditions in seniors' care.

UPDATE: Hundreds of HEU members took part in the Care Can't Wait T-shirt Day on April 10. See the photos on Facebook.

Not only are nine out of 10 care homes not funded to meet the minimum staffing guidelines, but contracting out and contract-flipping continues unchecked.

In too many places, whole staff teams are fired and asked to reapply for their jobs at lower wages.

And workers in seniors’ care have the highest injury rate of any occupation in B.C.

HEU members have helped make seniors’ care a top issue in this election. Now, we want to make it part of every candidate’s platform. That’s why on April 10, the day before the election period officially began, we held a province-wide Care Can’t Wait t-shirt day.

See the photos here.