It takes a team – HEU Day 2020

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As we celebrate HEU Day this year, we’re reflecting on how the year has brought huge changes to our workplaces, our homes and our communities.

From the very beginning of this unprecedented public health emergency, HEU members have been on the front line in the fight against COVID-19.  It was scary and confusing – especially in the beginning – but it also challenged each of us to lean on each other and on our collective skills and experiences.

Our work has changed. We’ve had to adjust our relationships with our patients, residents, clients and co-workers in ways both large and small.

But right from the early days of the pandemic, health care workers emerged as everyday heroes.

The “7 o’clock salute” celebrated the risks faced and the bravery displayed, and led many in our communities to think about health care workers in new ways – and to listen to and respect our stories.

Riding the wave of a crisis, HEU members are holding fast and strong.

We’re telling governments it’s time to support working people, not weaken us.

It’s time to acknowledge the value of all frontline workers, to renew our commitment to a strong public health care system.

And it’s time to pledge the resources to provide safe, dignified care for our seniors.

We’re seeing our experiences reflected in the promises made in the upcoming provincial election.

We want to make sure the experience and wisdom of HEU members, and the goals we’ve been working towards, stay in the forefront of every discussion -- and every solution.

We’ve always said “it takes a team” when we talk about how every person working in health care is essential and valued.
It also takes a team to lead the way to a good future for health care and health care workers.

HEU is 76 years old this year. And our story is just beginning.