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HEU TV ads send a message about the impact of health care privatization on patients

Privatization, it's the wrong answer for patients is the message in series of TV ads sponsored by the Hospital Employees' Union (CUPE)in 2002 and 2003. The ads target the Campbell government's scheme to contract-out thousands of jobs of thousands of skilled, experienced health care workers who provide important support services in health care across B.C.

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Airing in February, 2003, Why Care? and ask viewers to consider the following question: When we lose the skills and experience of thousands of health care workers, will that make the care you and your family receive better or worse?

And What's Wrong? looks at the aftermath of a decision to privatize hospital laundry services in the Fraser Valley.

The 2002 adDisturbing Results, takes a hard look at the blemished track records of corporations in the hunt to cash in on Premier Campbell's health care privatization sweepstakes.

And a second ad aired in 2002 called One Mistake,looks at the role of skilled, experienced health care support workers-an important part of the patient care team-whose jobs are threatened by the Campbell government's privatization agenda.

"Support workers-mostly women-may work out of the public spotlight," says HEU spokesperson Chris Allnutt, "but they're critical to ensuring patient health and safety, and the efficient operation of health care facilities.

"But Campbell and the private corporations intent on cashing in on privatization will replace these skilled and experienced workers and reduce wages to as low as $8 an hour. And that won't improve patient care."

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