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The Liberals say their bringing out the best in B.C. But things are getting worse in health care. Contract rollbacks demanded by employers, longer wait lists, seniors going without care, and thousands of skilled workers—mostly women—losing their jobs.

On air starting February 23.

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    > 2003

    The B.C. Liberals health privatization scheme could result in 5,000 skilled and experienced front-line health workers losing their jobs in the next few months. On air starting March 17.

    And will sacking these workers make the care you and your family receive better or worse? This ad ran the week of March 3.

    On the anniversary of the passage of legislation ripping up health care collective agreements, HEU members participated in acts of political protest across the province. This ad reminds the public on Gordon Campbell's broken promise to health care workers that he'd respect their collective agreements. The ads ran the week of January 27.

    A Vancouver Hospital housekeeper talks about her job and wonders about the government's priorities ran January 20-22 on CKNW's Rafe Mair Show.

    Gordon Campbell's push to privatize hospital housekeeping is putting patients at risk by delivering critical health care jobs to low wage contractors. These two radio ads on air between December 26, 2002 and January 8, 2003 feature a front-line housekeeper and a patient who talk about why privatization is the wrong answer.


    Can Gordon Campbell be trusted with health care? A new radio ad that aired February 5, 6 and 8 suggests that he's not. Not breaking his commitment to respect the legally negotiated collective agreements of tens of thousands of health care and community social services workers. The ad includes a clip of Gordon Campbell's now famous interview with the union newspaper the Guardian.

    To prepare the ground for a privatization offensive, Victoria and its allies are mounting a full scale attack on HEU members who don't provide direct patient care services. Listen to what two health care support workers have to say about the job they do and how it's a crucial part of patient care delivery.

    Gordon Campbell's Liberals are talking privatization. Listen to HEU's ad taking on the new government on the issue of privatizing long-term care facilities. It's running on the Rafe Mair Show on CKNW from March 19 through March 26.

    A report released by HEU shows that staffing levels in B.C.'s long-term care facilities are at dangerously low levels. And a radio ad airing across B.C. February 19-23 explains to the public why front-line caregivers are fighting for better seniors' care at the bargaining table.

    HEU members are backing up their demands for better working and caring conditions with a series of radio ads that air across British Columbia beginning Boxing Day and running until January 5.

    The three ads which take the form of a radio call-in show highlight health care workers efforts to improve our health care system through increased staffing levels, more training opportunities and by putting community health services on a level playing field with hospitals and long-term care.

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