Families, health workers rally to save respite services

News release

The Communities Solidarity Coalition is holding a rally at the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health later today to protest government plans to shut down in-patient respite/rehab services for families of kids who have multiple developmental disabilities and complex care needs.

These families rely on this crucial service and are distressed by its imminent closure. The facility has said it will take the children in for two weekends in December, but is closing on Friday, November 15.

Parents say that without this service, the burden of caring for their children will become acute and, in many cases, result in family breakdown, necessitating direct intervention and support from the Ministry of Children and Families.

Many skilled and experienced Hospital Employees’ Union members who care for the children and are losing their jobs and are joining with the parents tomorrow at the rally to show their support.

    What: Rally to protest termination of respite services for families of children with multiple disabilities Where: Queen Alexandra Hospital, 2400 Arbutus Road When: Wednesday, November 13, 4:00 p.m.

-30- Contact: Dale Fuller, communications officer, 604-456-7036