Licensed Practical Nurses mark LPN Day with public information session

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Did you know that Gordon Campbell cut the wages of 5,500 licensed practical nurses by 15 percent last year — even though these health care professionals are playing a critical role in helping to address BC’s nursing shortage?

That’s one of the issues LPNs will be highlighting during a public leafleting session in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery today as they mark LPN Day in BC.

“LPNs are being relied upon to assume greater medical responsibilities for BC’s patients than ever before,” says HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy. “By slashing their wages in the midst of a nursing crisis, the Premier has shown just how out of touch he is with what’s happening on the front lines of our health care system.”

Joanne Dickie, an LPN at Lion’s Gate Hospital and organizer of today’s event says, “Most people don’t realize how the role of the LPN within the nursing team has changed, or that most of us face staggering workloads as we endeavor to meet the needs of patients and seniors in our health care facilities.”

LPNs will be at the Robson Street side of the Vancouver Art Gallery from noon to 2:00 pm today.

Contact: Patty Gibson, HEU communications officer at 604-456-7007 or (604) 328-7393