Contract Negotiations with HEU Staff Union (PEA-HESU)

As you may know, HEU is in collective bargaining with our staff union, PEA-HESU. HEU and PEA-HESU have engaged in significant, productive negotiations over the last several months and the parties have reached agreement on a wide range of initiatives.

We have not yet concluded a collective agreement and on August 30, PEA-HESU served 72- hour strike notice. Our staff will be in a legal position to take job action as of this afternoon, Thursday, September 2.

We do not yet know whether job action will occur nor what form it will take but we will work with our locals and members to minimize disruption to services if that proves necessary.

We are pleased to report that HEU and PEA-HESU have agreed to appoint a mediator to assist in concluding our collective agreement. At this point, we are working on selecting a mediator and we expect to start that process very soon.

This is a very exciting time for our union. Our recent victory on repatriating our members in contract support services shows how much we can achieve when we are united. We are committed to working with our staff union to achieve a fair deal and move forward even stronger.