People with disAbilities Standing Committee

pwdcommThe People with disAbilities Committee is for HEU members who are disabled and working, on long-term disability (LTD) or Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) programs, or who have been on sick leave for a long time. 

Disabilities can be physical (i.e. blindness, deafness, loss of limb activity), invisible (i.e. epilepsy, diabetes, AIDS, severe allergies, chronic pain), or mental (i.e. learning, psychiatric, intellectual). Human Rights law also defines drug and alcohol dependence as disabilities.

The committee, which promotes the contributions of workers with disabilities, has produced this 29-page handbook One union, many abilities.

Day of Mourning, April 28, 2017 

HEU’s Persons with DisAbilities standing committee (PWD) recently sponsored its seventh annual Blue Poppy contest as part of its National Day of Mourning activities to honour workers injured or killed on the job and those who have died from work-related illnesses. Through this contest, the PWD Standing Committee aims to raise awareness to HEU members and their families about the importance of the International Day of Mourning – April 28. 

The PWD committee has chosen the Blue Poppy to represent those workers, and each year promotes awareness of this day by sending Blue Poppy Buttons out to all HEU locals. 

2017 PWD colouring contest

There were a total of 132 contest entries – 71 entries in the 8-15 year-old category and 61 entries in the 2-7 year-old category. Winners were randomly drawn. All four contest winners won an iPad. 

HEU thanks everyone who entered the contest.

ages 8 to 15: winners in the 8-15 year-old category were Jonah Haake (age 13) of Castlegar (HEU member Joanne Pagnini) and Grace Gott (age 13) of Prince George (HEU member Julia Gott).

ages 2 to 7: winners were Saira Rakhra-Hargun (age 3) of Vancouver (HEU member Gurjit Rakhra) and Sebastion Gilfillan (age 7) of Sechelt (HEU member Tatra Ivanisko). 

BluePoppy Colouring Contest winner Johan HaakeBlue Poppy Colouring Contest winner Grace Gott


Blue Poppy Colouring Contest winner Saira Rakhra-Hargun

Blue Poppy Colouring Contest winner Sebastion Gilfillan

2016 PWD colouring contest

In 2016, there were 133 contest entries. Winners were randomly drawn. HEU thanks everyone who entered the contest.

ages 8 to 15: first place winner Gracia Andres (age 12) of Vancouver (HEU member Voltaire Sean E. Andres) won an iPad; second place winner Michael Gamble (age 12) of Ladysmith (HEU member Emily Gamble) won an iPad mini; and runner-up Sophia With (age 8) of Nelson (HEU member Eileen With) won an iPod shuffle; and

ages 2 to 7: first place winner Ariana Gul (age 7) of North Vancouver (HEU member Nahid Gul) won an iPod; second place winner Aasia Neeb (age 4) of Squamish (HEU member Pon Kongdara) won an iPod nano; and runner-up Olivia Kallusky (age 6) of Kamloops (HEU member Shane Kallusky) won an iPod shuffle.