Union-paid education for JOHS Committee members

HEU offers a two-day OHS workshop designed for JOHS Committee members. 

You are eligible to take this workshop if you are:

  • An alternate or regular worker representative on a JOHS Committee, or
  • A worker health and safety representative

Participants will:

  • Discuss experiences and examine patterns in OH&S concerns
  • Explore the Workers' Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR)
  • Learn about the structure, roles, and functions of JOHS Committees
  • Learn how to take action to resolve OH&S concerns at your workplace

Your union pays your wages to participate in the workshop. After you have applied and been accepted to the workshop, you will need to apply to your employer for union leave. 

This workshop is not part of the annual employer-paid education, or the employer-paid mandatory minimum training for new members

How to apply for union-paid education

The workshop "OH&S Introduction for JOHS Committee Members" is offered several times a year. Please check the workshop listing to see when the next one is scheduled.

You apply directly through the HEU website. Your completed application will need to be signed by the Chairperson or Secretary-Treasurer of your local.

How do I apply for union leave after I have been accepted into the workshop?

If you are unsure of the process, please reach out to your shop steward.

What do I do if my employer denies my union leave request?
  • Make sure you have followed the proper process to request time off
  • Reach out to your shop steward
Can the union OHS workshop count as part of my eight hours of annual JOHSC education?

No, the union OHS workshop does not form part of your eight hours of employer-paid education. The union OHS workshop is in addition to the eight hours of employer-paid education.

You are entitled to apply for time off to attend union education under your right to “unpaid leave for union business” in your collective agreement. Talk to your shop steward for more information.

Can I take the union-paid education even though I haven’t had my employer-paid education yet?

Yes. All new JOHS Committee members are encouraged to apply.

Can I be appointed to the JOHSC even thought I have not had JOHSC education?

Yes! You are not required to have any JOHSC education to be appointed to the JOHSC. The education will be offered once appointed.

Training/education is ongoing once you are on the JOHSC.

Can I participate in JOHSC meetings before I have attended any JOHSC education?

Yes! Your work experience speaks volumes. Your employer cannot stop you from participating, once you’ve been appointed.

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