BCFED OH&S Training for JOHS Committee members

Occupational Health and Safety
Disposing of sharps

The B.C Federation of Labour Health & Safety Centre delivers leading-edge training aimed at assisting workplace OH&S committees to build their knowledge and skills, and supporting them to play a proactive role in the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases.

If you are on your Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) committee, and are interested in the B.C. Fed OH&S courses, your first step is to contact your employer, or your JOHS committee co-chairs.

Let them know that you want to apply for the B.C. Fed OH&S courses as part of your eight-hour annual entitlement. You are entitled to one eight-hour OH&S training period each year.

You will need to work out arrangements with your employer about registration, fee payment and wage loss.

The employer may put in the application on your behalf and pay for the registration fees, or you may be asked to register yourself and request your employer to reimburse your for the fees.

B.C. Fed Health and Safety course calendar

If you are interested in joining your work site’s JOHS committee, talk to a member of your local executive or a current JOHS committee member. They may suggest you apply for HEU's Stand Up for Health and Safety workshop.