Prevention Steward Pilot Project

Two HEU members will be hired in a new full-time role as prevention stewards, under a pilot project beginning in the Vancouver Coastal and Vancouver Island health authorities in fall 2022.

Stewards will work with and support FBA members on Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) Committees, including inspections, investigations and connecting with members about OHS concerns and solutions. They will also work with FBA members to provide information, and promote and support learning opportunities about resources for resolving health and safety problems, OHS rights, and OHS reporting.

The project will demonstrate the important collaborative role prevention stewards can play in supporting, developing and educating FBA JOHS Committee members in their important work.  

Funding for this project was negotiated by the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA), and allows for one steward position in each of the two health authorities for a period of two years, with a possible extension of an additional year. HEU members hired for the steward positions must be working under the Facilities collective agreement. 

Members who have served on JOHS Committees, attended HEU OHS training, or have other relevant experience in occupational health and safety, are encouraged to apply. 

Prevention stewards’ wage rates and benefits will be matched to their existing classification and increment step.  

Relocation costs are not provided as part of this arrangement, so applicants should be within commuting distance of Vancouver General Hospital or Royal Jubilee Hospital. 

The prevention stewards will return to their regular position and / or casual list upon completion of the project. 

Find out more and apply. Deadline to apply is August 12 at 5 pm.