Convention 2024: Proposed Constitutional Amendments Form

HEU is holding its biennial convention October 20 to 25, 2024 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Convention is the supreme policy-making body of the union, which democratically determines HEU’s priorities and course of action over the next two years.

During formal convention proceedings, governed by the HEU Constitution and By-Laws, delegates debate and vote on proposed resolutions and constitutional amendments brought forward by HEU locals.


  • Constitutional amendments change the language of the HEU Constitution and By-Laws, the rules that govern our union.
  • Carefully review the sections in the HEU Constitution and By-Laws you want to change. (read more about the constitution).
  • On the webform, specify the exact language you want adopted. If adopted by convention, this language will appear in the revised HEU Constitution and By-Laws following convention.
  • On the webform, also clearly state why the local membership wants this change. 
  • Do not combine different concepts or changes to different constitutional provisions in one motion.

Proposed constitutional amendments must be submitted by Tuesday, July 23, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. All proposed constitutional amendments from HEU locals must be adopted by majority vote at a local meeting with quorum.

Please use a separate webform for each proposed constitutional amendment you submit. The chairperson’s signature must be included on the webform. However, the secretary-treasurer’s name can be typed, with their approval, into the space provided (for local submissions).


P.E. Subcommittees: submit a proposed constitutional amendment

Equity Standing Committees: submit a proposed constitutional amendment