HEU supports call for sustained ceasefire in Israel-Palestine


As the war in Gaza rages on for more than 100 days, the Hospital Employees' Union remains alarmed at the number of deaths and scale of suffering in the region. 

HEU, along with our national union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, has signed onto the call for an immediate, permanent humanitarian ceasefire in Israel-Palestine.   

We urge the Government of Canada to support the enforcement of international law, and to work toward a peaceful resolution. HEU also joins the call from Amnesty International to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling on the federal government to suspend all arms exports and equipment that could be used in this conflict.  

HEU is distressed at the number of health care sites in Gaza that have been destroyed in the fighting and the death of hundreds of health care workers, who have been trying to save lives under catastrophic and unimaginable conditions.  

HEU is also alarmed at the deprivation of food, water, electricity, and other necessities of life which is likely to cause a famine in the region, according to the United Nations. 

This latest round of conflict is also having a profound impact on those here in B.C. including HEU members who have family and close connections in the region feeling grief and devastation for their loved ones.  

The war has also given rise to antisemitism and Islamophobia in communities across Canada. HEU condemns these hateful acts in all their forms.  

On behalf of its 60,000 members, HEU calls for an end to the blockade of Gaza and the restoration of humanitarian aid and access to the necessities of life.  

HEU will also be providing a $10,000 donation to the Red Crescent Society to support humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in Gaza. 

To contact your MP, please go to: https://ceasefirenow.ca/