My job is very gratifying

Members Stories

“As a Dispatch Supply Technician, I coordinate, lead and dispatch the activities for our Logistics Drivers to set up mobile blood clinics around the Lower Mainland, where people can donate their blood.
The blood products are then supplied to hospitals across the province. Our Logistics Operations team plays a very critical role in supporting patients in need of safe blood/blood products.
I coordinate scheduling, managing our vehicle fleet inventory, and dispatching drivers to cover our daily operational needs. My position comes with a leadership component, which requires me to make quick decisions, be self-motivated and self-guided. There’s a lot of focus on my personal accountability, integrity, accepting and recognizing errors, and focusing on solutions for improvement.  
It’s also focused around modeling behaviours of courtesy, respect and fairness, and building relationships that foster a dynamic team environment.
In logistics, it’s not practical to work from home because our job is very hands-on and technical. People working at home are not worrying about the same things we’re worried about, or having to face the urgency of COVID rules that are regularly changing. As frontline staff, we constantly worry about our safety.
I’m very involved in my local community outside of work. I do a lot of work for my mosque and outreach with seniors, like making and delivering hot meals. We also deliver non-perishable food items, warm blankets, socks, toques and mittens to the homeless.
We assemble and deliver little COVID kits containing gloves, masks, hand-sanitizing lotions, and lip balm to the homeless. We do this on a monthly basis to ensure people are taken care of.
My job is very gratifying. I help save lives every day. If I’m having a bad day or I’m tired when I get up in the morning, I just think about how my contribution provides some benefit into the lives of others, and they depend on me.”
- Rabia, Dispatch Supply Technician, part of the health care team