Libs hardline on health care bargaining destructive

News release

Move will only promote instability

The Liberal government should be promoting stability in health care rather than pushing through legislation that undermines collective bargaining and imposes contracts on health care workers says B.C.’s biggest health care union.

“Health care needs stability now more than ever and the Liberals' ill-advised and short-sighted legislation will only produce the opposite effect,” says Hospital Employees’ Union assistant secretary-business manager Zorica Bosancic. “We urge the government to consider the long-term impact that undermining collective bargaining would have on the future of health care in B.C.”

Bosancic says the betrayal and anger that B.C. Nurses’ Union and Health Sciences Association members feel is completely justified because the proposed legislation — the Health Care Services Collective Agreements Act — steamrolls over the free collective bargaining process and includes concessions.

“Premier Campbell is sending a clear and destructive message to all B.C. health care workers and their unions — if we don’t fall into line with employer demands, the Liberal government will simply legislate a deal,” says Bosancic.

“The government has a responsibility to British Columbians to promote a positive environment in health care where all parties can work together to improve and strengthen our public health care system. This legislation is a huge step in the wrong direction."